Want to take crypto payments for your business without KYC?

Have the freedom to accept crypto payments from anyone, anytime and anywhere.

22nd Aug 2022

Have the freedom to accept crypto payments from anyone, anytime and anywhere

If you are someone who runs a membership business, then you likely use a tool such as Telegram. This allows for easy communication, commercialisation, and control of your client list. Over time, it can deliver immense profitability and progress. However, today, it is common that clients might wish to pay using cryptocurrency. Bitcoin have become recognised tender in many parts of the world. Yet, if you use a platform like Telegram, you might be disappointed to see how hard it is to take Bitcoin payment.

Even by using a Telegram membership bot, you might have some problems in doing this. Some bots do not accept cryptocurrency at all. Others do, but they utilise the KYC / KYB – Know Your Customer / Know Your Business – verification program. This asks for people paying with Bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies, to provide some form of identification. This could include something like an ID such as a passport, a proof of address, or even a selfie of the individual. Naturally, those who use cryptocurrency value their privacy to a greater extent.

They are not likely to be keen to utilise Bitcoin with a KYC verification process. However, at TGmembership, we make sure that you can avoid this headache of a problem.

We partner with number of payment processors to provide you with an easy way to make sure you can start taking these payments without any of the associated stress. You can now use our membership bot to offer non-KYC crypto payments.

What verification does TGmembership need for cryptocurrency payments?

None! We literally do not ask for any ID verification whatsoever. Our program allows for you to make sure that you can start taking these payments without the headache of having to turn to verification. Our program asks for none of these usual identifiers – it asks for none at all. If someone wants to pay you using cryptocurrency then that should be their right.

Given a big part of this industry is that it provides people with security and confidence in their privacy, verification breaks that. You might know your clients on a friendly and personal level, but they might wish to keep their financial privacy intact.By using our membership bot, you can now take cryptocurrency payments via Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Binance Coin or Matic (including tokens such as BUSD, USDT, USDC, SHIB, PAXG, SAND and many more), with ease. In time, we will add more cryptocurrency options that people can pay with – and rest assured that whether it is Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other cryptocurrency, you will not have to use KYC verification to get payments approved.

Avoiding Know Your Customer verification is not an ethical grey area

For some, the idea of trying to skirt around KYC verification shows criminal intent. However, with TGmembership, we do not subscribe to that theory at all. We understand that many people simply do not want to give up their private information. They do not want to share their address, or give up a photo of themselves, simply to pay for something.

There is no reason to see the desire to avoid KYC verification as the beginning of a criminal act. Today, our privacy has become such a token concept that, for some, they simply wish to take ownership of their privacy again. Cryptocurrency is a concept built around the idea of ownership of our identities and our privacy. Therefore, asking someone to go through KYC verification is a direct contradiction of the very reason that many use crypto in the first place.

For example, you might have clients who are based in a country where there are no cryptocurrency exchanged allowed or possible. Another common reason is that some users might simply not have the documentation you asked for – and there are many valid reasons for that. Excluding potential business purely because they cannot provide excessive identification would be a mistake, we believe. They might not have a bank account at present to deposit funds from, and thus wish to use cryptocurrency instead as they feel it is safer.

There are many, many reasons which are completely fair for a consumer to wish to avoid providing KYC verification. Your business should not have to avoid business with such an individual, nor should these individuals be precluded from paying for a product/service as they so wish.

Take control your membership business and benefit from cryptocurrency payments

So, if you run a business through Telegram, and you want to take cryptocurrency payments without KYC verification, you can now do so. Use TGmembership, and you can make what was previously a confusing and delicate process much easier for your clientele. Get ahead of the competition and ensure your customers feel respected accordingly. KYC verification is a broadly positive thing, but you can take payments without it if you choose.

Our platform, then, allows for you to do just that. Why not try it out for yourself?
Start accepting Crypto payments in Telegram today.

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