TGmembership: Help Centre

The list below contains articles from our help centre, which aim to help you understand what TGmembership is and how to use it to the full to optimise your Telegram memberships business.

29th September 2021

Analyse your Telegram bot sales

Discover the strengths and weaknesses of your Telegram subscription service.


29th September 2021

Currencies supported by TGmembership

Sell Telegram memberships in different currencies.


27th September 2021

TGmembership - Version History

All notable changes made to TGmembership - Telegram memberships bot


4th July 2021

Built-in Telegram Bot Affiliate Program

Grow your business with a built-in affiliate program for your Telegram bot


10th June 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out how easy it is to start a paid membership business in Telegram.


10th June 2021

Crypto Payments in Telegram

Telegram payments in cryptocurrencies and altcoins with CoinPayments.


13th May 2021

Create a Telegram bot for effective membership management.

How to create a powerful Telegram bot without coding? Effective Telegram membership management in minutes.


13th May 2021

Create a paid Telegram channel or group

Turn a Telegram channel or group into a members-only area


13th May 2021

Create a Telegram membership bot

Monetise your Telegram chats in a few simple steps. It's never been easier.


27th April 2021

TGmembership API Reference.

Integrate your TGmembership bot with your site or app


25th April 2021

Built-in support for your business

Communicate with your Telegram subscribers - they will love you for it.


22nd April 2021

Understand TGmembership's billing

Find out how easy, quick and cheap it is to start a Telegram business.


22nd April 2021

Discount your Telegram membership plans

Discount as a fixed amount or percentage - supercharge your business.


22nd April 2021

Custom Telegram subscription plans

Custom plans as short as a day or lifetime long, free or trial, recurring or one-off


14th March 2021

Sell memberships globally with Stripe

Sell Telegram memberships to millions of potential customers with Stripe


27th December 2020

Grant Admin Rights to a chat member

Add additional administrators to your Telegram chat and manage it as a team.


12th December 2020

Adjust TGmembership's timezone.

Change the timezone for all dates that TGmembership uses in its messages.


5th December 2020

Sell memberships globally with PayPal

Sell Telegram memberships to millions of potential customers with PayPal