Add a Telegram channel to your bot.

Turn your channels into members-only areas. Sell with PayPal/Stripe

"Channels are a tool for broadcasting public messages to large audiences. In fact, channels can have an unlimited number of subscribers."

If you wish to start a paid membership service in Telegram, the chances are that you're about to use a channel to deliver content to your members.

Some of the advantages of using channels are the unlimited number of subscribers and posting by administrators only. By default, channels are anonymous - the messages are signed with the channel's name and not yours, although you can optionally add your name. Comments are also supported, giving us experience very similar to what we're used to with the popular social media, such as Facebook. There are two types of Telegram channels - public and private. With TGM you can have both. Typically you would use your public channel to promote your product or service, as everyone can join freely, and your private channel for your members-only content.

Creating a channel and connecting it to TGmembership is pretty simple.


Connect your channel

Forward any message from your channel to TGmembership.


Add the bot to your channel

Add him to your channel just like you do with regular members.


Grant admin rights

If not, it may not be able to manage the channel on your behalf.

That's all. The bot is now ready to automate your business.