New level of customer service for your Telegram subscription business

It's not enough to just sell subscriptions. Communicate with your Telegram subscribers - they will love you for it.

We believe that every business needs to communicate with its customers. Telegram subscription businesses are no exception. That is why we make every effort to give you the right tools to engage and communicate with your customers.

When it comes to TGmembership, our priorities are clear - Number 1, 2 and 3 are you - our partners. We are dedicated to you. Try the same with your customers. Embrace and accept their problems as your own and do not stop until you find a solution to each of them. Dedicate yourself to your subscribers - they will love you for it. You can't go wrong with that.

Built-in support

Often when your customers purchase a Telegram subscription from your bots and something is not clear to them, they will send their questions directly to the bots. You wouldn't want to miss these messages, would you?

TGmembership takes customer service to a whole new level - your bots will forward to you any message they receive that is not recognised as a command or directly related to one. You can reply to any message sent by your customers, or even initiate a conversation - forming a two-way chat stream. TGmembership will add information about the person who sent the message, such as first and last name and Telegram ID. The message will be sent to all administrators or the support group if any. Any administrator can reply to this message using the reply option in Telegram. The answers of the administrators are anonymous - they will be sent on behalf of the bot, keeping the identity of the administrator secret.

TGmembership takes technical support to a whole new level - communicate directly in Telegram with those to whom you sell subscriptions
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This setting is enabled by default but can be disabled if you do not want to use it.

Manage your Telegram business as a team

When your business is run by a team instead of one person, using a support group can be extremely helpful. When a support group is available, bots send to it all the information that they would otherwise send you as a private message - including messages from customers. Each member of the support group can read and reply to these messages using the reply option in Telegram. Messages that are not a reply to your bots will not be forwarded, allowing administrators to chat freely with each other in the same group.

What types of messages are supported?

All - text, animations (GIF), audio and video recordings, documents, photos, stickers, etc. We make every effort to make sure you don't miss anything your customers want to say, whether they express themselves in words, voice/video messages or emoticons. Due to the limitations of the Telegram platform, some messages may be structured differently by your bots. Regardless, you will be able to see what your customers want to say and will be able to reply to each of them.