Create custom, flexible plans, and maximise your profit.

Maximise the profit from Telegram with custom subscription plans. They can be as short as a day or lifetime long, free or trial, recurring or one-off.
Take advantage of TGmembership's flexible subscription plans without even leaving Telegram. Customise your customer experience and increase your profit by offering something for everyone. Create your own plan using the /plans command.
Create your own Telegram subscription plan with a name, duration, price and currency of your choice
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Maximum flexibility with custom plans.

There are many different currencies that you can use for your plans. For a complete list, look at currencies supported by TGmembership.

Flexible duration of your plans

You can create short-term or long-term plans for a day or a year, the choice is yours. In addition, trial and lifetime plans are also supported.

Recurring and one-off payments

TGmembership supports both types of payments. You can choose for each plan separately, as the type of payments changes with one click.

Select a name for your plan.

Personalise your plans with unique names. When your potential members look at your plans, TGmembership will show not just their names, but also prices and durations, so you don't need to include them in plans' names.

Select a duration for it.

Every plan can have a different duration. It can be as short as a day, or years-long. You have full control over it. You can use, for example, "1 month" to create a month-last plan, 0 (zero) for a trial, or be specific with an exact date, such as 02.11.2021, to set the exact date on which this membership must be terminated, regardless of when your members purchase it. This is especially useful if, for example, you are selling football tips and want a plan that is only valid for the duration of the football season.

Enter a price for this plan.

Choose whatever price you want. The bot supports integers as well as decimals with up to two numbers after the decimal point. For example, 2, 3.3 or 9.99. Do not enter a currency, you will have a chance to choose one in the next step.

Choose a currency for the given price.

For maximum convenience, you can select the currency your plan will use. Of course, your members may pay in different currencies, as long as the payment provider allows it. If they do so, the payment will be converted before it reaches your account and your members may be charged an exchange fee.

What is the difference between one-off and recurring plans?

When using recurring payments, TGmembership will try to increase your revenue by taking the subscription fee automatically from the subscriber's account - this is something they agree to with their first order.

One-time plans require manual renewal from your customers. They can also accumulate - one customer can place several orders in a row and extend their subscription period with each of them.

Single / Multi use

- "Multi-use" plans are those that are used by default - they can be ordered by anyone, at any time.
- "Single-use" plans can be ordered only once by each customer.
- "Renewal only" are plans that are visible only to customers who have an active membership at the time of the order.
- "Churned only" are plans that are visible only to customers who have had membership in the past, but for one reason or another don't have one at the time of the order.

Plans for newcomers

This option is turned off by default to make your plan available to everyone. Enabling it will make this plan available only to people who have never had a membership before (including a trial).

Available with access tokens only

This option will make your plan available only with an access token and prevent it from being ordered using the traditional payment methods. Your bot will ignore all available gateways and show only the access token option.

Available with affiliate credit only

If you use the /affiliate module, then your customers could receive their commission in the form of a credit for internal purchases. Enabling this option will make your plan visible only to those who wish to pay using their credit.

Hidden plans

Using this option you can hide a plan from the subscribe menu - only customers who have a direct link to this plan can purchase it.