Start a membership business in Telegram - Frequently Asked Questions

Telegram membership business made easy. Sell subscriptions with a number of payment methods and even cryptocurrencies.

  • What is Telegram?
    Telegram is a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app with a focus on security and speed.
  • What is TGmembership?
    TGmembership is a Telegram bot that automates your paid memberships business. It integrates with various payment platforms (like PayPal, Stripe, Coinbase Commerce or CoinPayments) through which to sell memberships to hundreds of millions of Telegram users. It also communicates with your potential members, arranges payment links for them and monitors the status of their memberships.
  • What is a Telegram bot?
    A bot is a software application that live inside Telegram.
  • What can TGmembership do for me and my project?
    TGmembership turns Telegram into a fully automated paid membership platform. The bot requests payments from your members, adds them to your chats when they pay and kicks them out if they don't renew. It also helps you get feedback, provides support when needed, whilst remaining anonymous and much more.
  • Are you affiliated with Telegram?
    No. Whilst we are in love with Telegram and their values, we are not affiliated or supported by them.
  • What do I need to start a subscription business?

    One of the most frequently asked questions. You'd need a Telegram account, an idea and a few free minutes. TGmembership is quick and easy to get started with, doesn't require any technical knowledge or a website.
  • Where do the membership fees go?
    Directly to your account. Unlike other similar services, TGmembership doesn't process the funds received. It will only arrange the payment to the relative payment gateway and grant access to your member once a confirmation is received. This approach gives you greater control over your income and greater security as no one apart of your customer and yourself will have a contact with the funds, and last but not least, lower fees.
  • Can I have a paid Telegram channel and a group?

    You can have both. TGmembership supports both, channels and groups within a single membership. Once your members subscribe to your service, they can request access to any of the channels you have attached.
  • Will the bot notify me when a subscription is purchased?
    The bot will send a notification to all administrators for each purchased subscription. The message is sent to either each administrator privately or the support group, if any.
  • What is a recurring payment?
    Recurring payments take place when a member of yours pre-authorise TGmembership to charge him repeatedly on a prearranged schedule (on daiy, weekly, monthly or annually basis). TGmembership will attempt to collect subscription fees automatically on your behalf.
  • What rights does TGmembership need?
    "Invite Users via Link" and "Ban Users" are the bare minimum. Check out the Grant Admin Rights article for an in-depth explanation.
  • What duration am I allowed to use for my plans?
    The allowed cycles are day, week, month and year. For maximum flexibility, you can also define the number of cycles before each payment. Some examples are 3 days, 1 week, 2 months, etc. You can also set a fixed date (let's say 31.12.2020) if you wish your plan to expire on a specific date, regardless of when the member signed up for it. It may come handy if you want to sell a membership for a calendar year (not 12 months) or if you're selling football tips and want to offer your members a season-long pass.
  • Can I still accept payments manually?
    Of course! We understand that there are people who would prefer to pay by bank transfer, or by cash. Understandably, neither of them is supported by TGmembership. However, you can accept and process payments manually and then grant access using Access Tokens.
  • What is an Access Token?
    Access tokens are unique codes that TGmembership generates for you to share with your members. You can share them as a text message so the user can message your bot and enter the token manually or you as a link. When generating a token, you need to select a plan that will be linked to it. The person who uses the token will get his subscription instantly with all perks this plan comes with.
  • Will my members receive renewal reminders?
    Yes, they will. TGmembership will remind your members ~24 hours before their expiration dates. Exceptions may be plans with a duration of 2 days or less.
  • Can members have more than one active membership?
    No. They can have only one membership at a time. Ordering a second membership will extend the end date of the first.
  • Can someone sign for a trial twice?
    No. Every Telegram account has a unique ID. Your members can change their names, usernames, profile pictures, even mobile numbers, but they can't change their IDs. TGmembership doesn't allow the same ID to user trial plans more than once. The only exception is when an access token is used. We won't stop admins from giving their members as many trials as they wish.
  • What is the broadcast option?
    It allows you to send a private message to anyone who has ever interacted with your bot. Keep in mind that your bot may need a few minutes to deliver all the messages, depending on how long the queue is.
  • What does the poll option do?
    It allows your bot to send a poll to anyone who has been a subscriber for at least 14 days. This can be a great way of collecting feedback from your members and seeing how they feel about your service. Keep in mind that the bot will forward the message you send to him. If you want to remain anonymous, send a poll that's been previously posted in a channel/anonymous group, or your username may be revealed.
  • Can I give discounts or make promotions?
    With version 1.1 from 24.12.2020, TGmembership introduces coupons. With them, you can give your customers a discount from the regular price of your plans. The discount is a percentage between 1% and 99%. 100% discount is not available, for this purpose you can use Access Token. Coupons can only be used for one-off payments, provided the discounted price is at least 1 BGN, EUR, GBP or USD. You can create a coupon with the /coupons command. Each coupon is valid until deleted.
  • Do you have any content restrictions?
    Yes, but only a few that are forbidden by Telegram anyway.
    We don't tolerate bots that are used to:
    - Send spam or scam users.
    - Promote violence
    - Post illegal pornographic content.
If you can't find answers to your questions, send us an enquiry. We will be happy to help.