TGmembership - Version History

Version 1.16 - 27.09.2021

  • Danish language added.
  • A new payment method has been added - Reepay.
  • A new command /analytics has been added, which will provide you basic statistics for the sales made through your bot.
  • A new premium add-on has been added for detailed statistics on the sales made through your bot. It is available in our web dashboard.
  • Fixed an issue where bots did not send a greeting after users agreed to the Terms of Service / Privacy Policy.
  • Fixed an issue where custom commands could not use messages other than text (pictures, videos, etc.).
  • The limit of 256 characters text that could be added to a custom command has been removed. Now the only limit on the length of messages is what Telegram has - 1024 characters.
  • Added option to broadcast to churned members - those who have had a subscription before, but have not renewed.
  • A number of other improvements and bugs fixed.

Version 1.15 - 04.09.2021

  • Customers using recurring plans (auto renewals) will no longer receive renewal reminders.
  • When your users send stickers to your bot, it will add sender information to the message when forwarding to you - something that was missing in the previous version and the sticker messages were not showing who was the original sender.
  • The spreadsheet with existing customers that your bot generates now includes two additional columns - "Invited by" and "Commission" to help you get a better idea of the contribution of your affiliates.
  • Improved communication with CoinPayments API, payment processing, conversion and better recognition of acceptable coins.
  • Improved notifications in cases where the bot fails to create join links to your chats or where payments made via PayPal must be manually confirmed.
  • A new payment method has been added - Authorize.Net (also available in test mode).
  • A new payment method for Indian customers has been added - RazorPay.
  • Added a feature that allows you to automatically add a "Subscribe now" button underneath messages posted on free channels.
  • A number of other bug fixes, code optimisation and cleaning of redundant code left over from earlier versions of the bot.

Version 1.14 - 16.07.2021

  • Administrators can now see all their affiliates by name, as well as the revenue and commission they have accrued from their consumers. You can now quickly and easily track exactly how effective your affiliate program is.
  • /addmember is only available if your bot has a subscription plan selected, is not in test mode, and has at least one payment method available.
  • Added an option to create multiple access tokens at once, view all existing tokens (including already used ones) and delete those that are not used.
  • The notifications that administrators receive when a new payment is received have been improved. The message now indicates whether the customer is renewing an existing subscription or purchasing a new one, which payment method has been used and who has invited them (if any).
  • The commands that appear in the bot menu have been improved. They will be displayed in the language used by Telegram itself (unless the user has explicitly chosen a different one). Let's say your bot uses English by default - If the user who messages you use Telegram in German, the bot will also use German.
  • You can now choose which chats are available for certain subscription plans. Each plan can give your customers access to different chats.

Version 1.12.1 - 05.07.2021

  • An add-on system has been added. Through it you can order additional functionality for your bots.
  • An affiliate add-on has been added - through it you can motivate your users to promote your business and bring in more customers, in exchange for a percentage of the profit they make for you. You can find a detailed explanation of the affiliate add-on in our help center.
  • A number of other optimisations and bug fixes, including the one with incorrect formatting of messages that combine many emojis and rich-text-formatting.

Version 1.12 - 06.06.2021

  • A getSubscribers API method has been added - use it to retrieve a list of all active Telegram subscribers from your bot, as well as the subscription plans selected by each of them.
  • Access tokens can be used to renew active memberships.
  • Added option to set custom "Terms of Service" and "Privacy Policy" to your bot.
  • Added two new payment gateways - Paystack and CoinPayments.
  • The logic that handles recurring payments was rewritten from scratch.
  • TGmembership has been translated into four new languages - Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, German and Russian. A massive thank you to everyone involved in the translation process. Your contribution is highly appreciated.
  • Custom commands are now displayed in the /help menu too, as an addition to the well-known buttons that appear below the help messages.
  • A number of other optimisations and bug fixes.

Version 1.11 - 17.04.2021

  • TGmembership is growing rapidly. New bots are created every day, and the forecast is that by the end of April the active ones will be over 200. This update includes many changes that are unlikely to be noticed but aim to optimise the service and reduce the resources it consumes so we can keep your bots lightning-fast without sacrificing their functionality and without changing our pricing policy.
  • The system now automatically detects and suspends inactive bots. "Inactive bots" are those to which TGmembership doesn't have access (deleted or revoked tokens), or those that haven't received a single message for months.
  • The /addplan and /delplan commands are deprecated. Their functionalities are available in the new /plans command. Your bots will continue to respond to the old commands in this version to ensure smoother migration. Their removal is planned for version 1.12.
  • Added option to create plans that are only available to newcomers (users who have never had a subscription before) or only to existing customers (those who have an active membership at the time of the order).
  • Added option to create plans that can only be ordered once by each customer.
  • Added option to create plans that can only be purchased using access codes.
  • Plans can no longer be deleted. Instead, they will be disabled.
  • Added option to edit existing plans. You can rename any plan and change duration, cost & currency for non-recurring plans.
  • Added option to create coupons with custom names (you can still generate a random name if you prefer).
  • Added option to add an expiration date or limit the number of uses (or both together) of your coupons.
  • Your coupons can now give a fixed amount discount on the prices of your plans, in addition to the percentage discount.
    Tip: "The rule of 100" states that for products or services over €100, a fixed amount discount will be more effective. For those under €100, things reverse and a percentage discount will likely be more effective. For example, your customers are more likely to respond better to a €30 discount than a 25% discount on a plan that costs €150, and would probably choose a 20% discount instead of €5 on a plan that costs €20, even though this way they'll pay more.
  • Added option to set a minimum and maximum amount at which a certain coupon can be used.
  • API method addMember is no longer available in test mode.
  • Тhe structure of the database is optimised for better performance and speed.

Version 1.10 - 28.03.2021

  • Added /membershipstatus command, from where your customers can renew or cancel their memberships.
  • The message "Join my news channel" has been removed from the start message (command /start).
  • The message "Type /help to read about my abilities :)" has been removed from custom start messages.
  • The coupon button won't be displayed if the bot doesn't have any coupons created.
  • An option has been added to delete your bots from the TGmembership system, as long as the amount due by them is 0.00.
  • Added the ability to limit the maximum number of customers that your bot accepts. If the limit is reached, the /subscribe command will be deactivated and no new customers will be accepted.
  • The chat type (group/channel) will be displayed to users when using the /join command.
  • /broadcast messages can now be personalised. You can use {USER_FULL_NAME}, {USER_ID} and {USER_LINK} when you broadcast.
  • Messages sent to the bot that are not recognised as commands will be sent as a private message to the administrators. In previous versions, this was only possible for support groups. This setting can be disabled from the settings if you don't want to use it.
  • The logic for forwarding messages from/to an administrator/support group has been improved. Rich-Text-Formatting is better recognised and correctly processed.
  • Added the ability to unset a support group.
  • Support groups won't be displayed in the /delchat list.
  • You can use any type of message (including audio, video, images, etc.) for your start messages.
  • You can use any type of message (including audio, video, images, etc.) for your greetings (when someone joins a group chat).
  • The Billing module has been updated. Bills for your bots will be sent on the 1st of each month, instead of the first Monday of the month.
  • Two new file formats have been added when exporting the client list. They are .csv and .html. .Csv will be used by default, but you have the option to choose a different one if you prefer.
  • Communication with PayPal's servers and the processing of orders paid through their site have been improved.
  • The bots will automatically hide some commands from the /help menu if the user doesn't have access to them. For example, /membershipstatus is a command that allow your members to renew or cancel their memberships. It won't be shown to people who don't have an active membership - they won't be able to use it anyway.
  • Customers who have purchased a recurring plan won't be able to use the /subscribe command - their memberships are automatically renewed by PayPal/Stripe.
  • When deleting a payment gateway, related pending orders will be deleted along with it.
  • When paying with PayPal/Stripe, your bots will try to collect customer email addresses. They will be presented to you in export_clients_list
  • Fixed an issue that caused some expired plans to appear in the list of plans that your customers can purchase.
  • When creating a new plan, the recurring button will only be displayed if there is at least one payment gateway that supports recurring payments.
  • Added an option to automatically send a message to people who have messaged your bot but haven't purchased a membership in the next 24 hours. The message is entered by you, it can be whatever you want. This option is off by default, but can be enabled from the settings.
  • When your customers use the /subscribe command, the bot will display a list of all chats that the customer will have access to after a successful payment.
  • Trial plans will be hidden from the list of active plans for people who have already used one.
  • When creating a trial plan, the won't ask you to choose a currency.
  • Custom commands have been improved - they now support all types of messages and recognise Rich-Text-Formatting.
  • Dutch translation added.

Version 1.9 - 13.03.2021

  • Added an option to attach the subscription buttons to the initial message (command /start). This option is enabled by default, but can be disabled from the settings menu if you prefer to use the /subscribe command only.
  • The logic behind the join buttons has been updated. Telegram announced temporary links for bots in version 5.1 from 09.03.2021 - only 2 days later it was available in the beta version of TGmembership, and another 2 days later it was added in the stable version. Your bots will continue to send self-destruct buttons, but the links hidden behind them will be valid until they are used or for 30 seconds - whichever comes first.
  • Improved Flutterwave integration.
  • When you set up a new payment method, the data already entered will remain visible on the screen for greater clarity.
  • Payment methods can now be deleted. To do this, click on an already configured method and your bot will ask you to delete it instead of overwriting the settings as it was before.
  • French translation added.

Version 1.8 - 05.03.2021

  • The date and time zone settings have been moved to the "Date / Time" category in the settings menu.
  • Your bots now record the number of members in each of your chats. In some of the next versions, a graph will be added to show their growth over time.
  • An API has been added through which you can integrate your bots with your services. For example, if you have a website, you could integrate it with your bot and create subscriptions for your users dynamically.
  • Other bug fixes & code optimisation.

Version 1.7 - 27.02.2021

  • Basic moderation for group chats has been added - it can be found in the "Group Management" submenu in the settings of your bot.
  • Added an option to automatically delete system messages for members who have joined your chat, leaving members or pinned messages.
  • An option for kick/ban bots, as well as for members who have added bots.
  • Optional CAS (Combot Anti-Spam) protection has been added for your groups.
  • Missing phrases in incomplete language packs will now be displayed in English.
  • You can now update the API Tokens of your bots.
  • Spanish translation added.

Version 1.6 - 23.02.2021

  • The Broadcast option supports selecting a list of participants. The options are: members, non-members or everyone who has ever interacted with your bot.
  • Supported currencies are paged to avoid filling the screen with too many buttons.
  • Big part of the code has been rewritten to increase the response speed of your bots.
  • Fixed an issue where some time zones could not be selected.
  • Two new payment providers have been added: Flutterwave and Coinbase (crypto payments).
  • Added support for 55 new currencies and 6 cryptocurrencies. They are: United Arab Emirates Dirham, Afghan Afghani, Albanian Lek, Armenian Dram, Argentine Peso, Azerbaijani Manat, Bosnia & Herzegovina Convertible Mark, Bangladeshi Taka, Brunei Dollar, Bolivian Boliviano, Chilean Peso, Colombian Peso, Costa Rican Colón, Dominican Peso, Algerian Dinar, Egyptian Pound, Georgian Lari, Guatemalan Quetzal, Honduran Lempira, Jamaican Dollar, Kenyan Shilling, Kyrgyzstani Som, Kazakhstani Tenge, Lebanese Pound, Sri Lankan Rupee, Moroccan Dirham, Moldovan Leu, Mongolian Tögrög, Mauritian Rupee, Maldivian Rufiyaa, Mozambican Metical, Nigerian Naira, Nicaraguan Córdoba, Nepalese Rupee, Panamanian Balboa, Peruvian Nuevo Sol, Pakistani Rupee, Paraguayan Guaraní, Qatari Riyal, Serbian Dinar, Saudi Riyal, Tajikistani Somoni, Trinidad and Tobago Dollar, New Taiwan Dollar, Tanzanian Shilling, Ukrainian Hryvnia, Ugandan Shilling, Uruguayan Peso, Uzbekistani Som, Vietnamese Đồng, Yemeni Rial, Burundian Franc, Ghanaian Cedi, Gambian dalasi, Guinean Franc, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dai, Ethereum, Litecoin, USD Coin.
  • Improved logic when adding groups with the option for anonymous administrators enabled. You no longer need to forward a message from the group to the bot.

Version 1.5 - 15.02.2021

  • The broadcast command has been significantly improved. Your messages will be sent to everyone who has ever interacted with your bot, not just your active customers. The limit of 150 recipients has been removed - there is currently no limit. The restriction on sending only text messages has also been removed - you can send messages of any type, such as photos, animations, videos and more. Delay between messages is reduced to deliver faster. The "Broadcast from the administrators" message that was displayed on each Broadcast has been removed. Rich Text Formatting is supported.
  • The messages sent by your subscribers to the technical group and back have been improved.
  • It is allowed to create new bots without choosing a plan for them. However, until a plan is selected for the respective bot, it cannot leave test mode.
  • The limit on the number of bots / number of channels has been removed. You can create as many bots as you want and add each of them in as many channels / groups as you want.
  • Plans for your bots are now selected individually for each bot, instead of for your entire account as a whole. This means that each bot can have a different plan.
  • Added the ability to change the plans of your bots via TGmemberhip and its /mybots command. Such a change can only be made if you do not have any amount due and only if the last change was made more than 48 hours ago. If you try to change your bot's plan when there is an amount due, you will receive a usage report and an invitation to pay.
  • [TEST] suffix is added to all payment gateways when the bot is in test mode.
  • Usage reports have been improved. They now also include a history of payments received, which form the final price.
  • Support for the following currencies has been added: Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Swiss Franc, Chinese Renminbi Yuan, Czech Koruna, Danish Krone, Hong Kong Dollar, Croatian Kuna, Hungarian Forint, Indonesian Rupiah, Israeli New Sheqel, Indian Rupee, Icelandic Króna, Japanese Yen, South Korean Won, Mexican Peso, Malaysian Ringgit, Norwegian Krone, New Zealand Dollar, Philippine Peso, Polish Złoty, Romanian Leu, Russian Ruble, Swedish Krona, Singapore Dollar, Thai Baht, Turkish Lira and South African Rand. These are in addition to the already supported Bulgarian lev, Euro, British pound, US dollar and Brazilian real.
  • A credit limit of €35 has been added. If at any point your amount due exceeds this, you will be invited to pay.
  • Custom commands are now case insensitive. For example, it doesn't matter if your users send COMMAND, command or ComMAnD - the bot will respond to all of them.
  • The bot detects small spelling mistakes when using commands and recommends using the correct ones. For example, if you type /subsibe, which is an invalid command, the bot will respond that such a command does not exist and will prompt you to use /subscribe.
  • The bot now groups the available languages in two on each line to avoid squeezing multiple buttons on one line, which would make them difficult to read.
  • The sending of messages by the bot has been optimized. In certain situations, it will respond up to twice as fast as the previous version.
  • Hashtag type #u1234567890 has been added to the notifications you receive when someone interacts with your bot for the first time.
  • The time for which the join buttons are visible has been changed to 5 seconds by default. Of course, you can change this from the settings of your bot.
  • The caching module has been changed. This should increase the efficiency and productivity of your bots.
  • The module responsible for communication with PayPal servers has been updated. The result should be faster order processing and less waiting from your customers.
  • A number of other changes, such as minor improvements and bug fixes, which for security reasons will not be listed here.

Version 1.4 - 02.02.2021

  • An option to switch between test and production mode has been added. You can change it at any time from the settings menu of your bot.
  • The bot will send notifications to your users when their messages are forwarded to an administrator.
  • Help images will be shown when adding PayPal or Stripe as payment providers.
  • An installation wizard has been added to help administrators set up their bots in case important settings are missing. You can access it using the hidden /wizard command (requires access level 8).
  • The /export_clients_list command has been improved. Now it also includes past orders for customers who no longer have an active membership.
  • A number of other changes including bug fixes and code optimisation.

Version 1.3 - 24.01.2021

  • Added support for Telegram payments. To date, the payment providers with which Telegram partners are: Rave by Flutterwave, Yandex.Money, Sberbank, Tranzzo, Payme, CLICK, LiqPay, ECOMMPAY.
  • All unused access tokens are automatically deleted if the plan to which they are linked is deleted.
  • Messages from users are now forwarded directly to support groups without confirmation.
  • Added an option to hide your custom commands.
  • Start messages, as well as greeting messages in groups and custom commands now support rich formatting. You can use bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, code, and links.
  • Start and welcome messages have more customisation options.
  • Welcome messages in groups will now be sent as replies to the system join messages.
  • Fixed bugs and code optimisation.

Version 1.2 - 03.01.2021

  • Added command /refund - use it to refund a customer within 7 days of payment.
  • You will receive a notification for each member who starts your bot for the first time. If you don't want to receive such messages, you can stop them from the settings.
  • We have started a huge reconstruction in the core and database of TGmembership. Speed, performance and resource consumption have improved by an average of between 10% and 35%. This is a huge change that cannot be completed in a few days - the work will continue in the next version as well.
  • All join buttons have been updated. The new format is more reliable and secure, whilst your customers should not feel any difference.
  • When you use the /dismember command, the bot will remove the member from all channels and send him a message that his membership has been terminated manually by an administrator.
  • The messages you receive when a new customer buys a membership are improved.
  • The "Coupon" button won't be displayed for zero-priced plans (free / trial plans).
  • The /custom_commands plugin has been improved, as well as few bugs related to it.
  • The /export_clients_list plugin is now multilingual. The data in it will be displayed per the language set by the administrator. The results are sorted by the expiry date, in ascending order. The amounts paid by your customers will be displayed even after deleting the plan used by them (in the previous version of the plugin if you delete a plan that the customer used to register, the amount is displayed as €0.00).
  • A few other little imperfections were polished.

Version 1.1 - 24.12.2020

  • A /coupons command has been added - you can now create promotions or give discounts from your regular plans to loyal members.
  • Added command /version with which you can check the current version of your bot.
  • TGmembership's error detection and logging logic have been improved.
  • Improved logic when calculating revenue from a particular member.
  • Members with active memberships can renew using lifetime plans or valid until an exact date.
  • When members renew, a correct date will be sent to the administrators.
  • Plans valid until an exact date will be automatically hidden (and probably deleted) when they are no longer valid.
  • Participants who don't have an active membership will no longer be removed from group chats when using an invite link or being added manually by an administrator.
  • A number of other minor changes that won't be explicitly described in this list.

Version 1.0 - The first stable version of TGmembership - 21.12.2020

  • Add multiple Telegram channels and groups for TGmembership to manage on your behalf.
  • Download a copy of your bot's database. All archives are encrypted.
  • Ban/unban a user you do not want to use your service.
  • Broadcast to your existing members. Only text messages are currently supported.
  • Add your own commands to TGmembership. Customise your members' experience.
  • Export a list of all your clients in Excel format with the command /export_clients_list
  • Bulgarian language support has been added. You can change the bot language from the settings.
  • Create your own flexible plans. Choose a name, duration, price and currency of your choice.
  • You can add members to your bot's database without having them to pay with Access Tokens.
  • Added support for GumRoad payments for those who don't want to use the options built into TGmembership.
  • And much, much more.