Understand how TGmembership billing works

This guide will help you understand how our billing works.

The way TGmembership bills you depends on the option you chose when you purchased your subscription. There are two options - Pay As You Go or Pay Monthly. Both plans offer identical features, the only difference being the monthly fee. Choose the one that best suits your project.

Pay As You Go: 7% of the monthly income you earn with us.

Your bill is calculated based on the revenue generated by TGmembership. This method is especially suitable for small to medium-sized businesses. If your revenue during the month is, for example, €20, your bill would be only €1.40. If you don't have any customers during the month, you don't have to pay.

No upfront payment is required. You will receive your first bill at the beginning of next month and only if the amount due is at least €1. In case you don't reach this threshold, the amount due will be rolled over to the next month.

TGmembership supports several currencies that you can use in your plans for your clients. However, our bot accepts payments in Euro only. For billing purposes, revenues will be calculated in Euro using the daily exchange rates set by the European Central Bank.

At the beginning of each month, TGmembership will send you a usage report of your bot. You can see an example below (click on the photo to enlarge it).

Example of TGmembership's usage report
Example of TGmembership's usage report

Let's summarise what we see in this picture.
- Project ID: A unique number for your project (bot).
- Billing Period: It shows for what period the revenues are calculated.
- Report Date: It shows when was the report generated.
- Due Date: The date when the payment is due. Make sure you pay before this date to keep your bot fully operational.

The table underneath shows the revenues from all plans grouped by currency used. We have three columns - currency, revenue and share.
- "Currency", as the name suggests, indicates the currency and exchange rate used for the conversion.
- "Revenue" shows how much profit you made from plans using this currency, as well as its euro equivalent.
- "Share" shows what TGmembership's cut is (7% of "Revenue").
The "Monthly Service Fee" is and will always be zero, as you don't have a fixed fee that you pay per month.
- "Total" shows the final amount to be paid.

If the bill is not paid within 5 days of receiving the usage report, your bot will be suspended.

For maximum convenience, when sending the usage report, the bot will attach a payment button, as shown in the photo below.

TGmembership sends a payment link with each usage report.

Pay Monthly: €35 flat rate

This plan is quite straightforward - you pay a single fixed monthly fee, no matter what revenue your bot generates. The bot won't track your earnings, nor will send you usage reports. "Pay Monthly" is especially suitable for large projects that generate significant revenue. Let's say your project generates €15,000 a month. The "Pay As You Go" plan would cost you more than €1,000 per month while "Pay Monthly" guarantees you a flat rate of €35, regardless of your income. Sounds much better, doesn't it?

"Pay Monthly" uses Stripe's recurring payments. The first payment is due when you start your subscription, then Stripe will automatically charge you every month until you cancel. If you miss a payment (for example you cancel or you don't have enough funds in your account), the bot will be suspended.

Different monthly plans

One of the great advantages of TGmembership is its ability to be personalised. If your business has different needs, do not hesitate to contact us. Together we can find a solution that is suitable for both parties.