A group of people holding hands in a circle, symbolizing a sense of community and belonging.

The Psychology of Memberships: Why People Join and Stay?

May 8 2023

Membership programs are everywhere these days. From gyms to streaming services, businesses across industries are trying to create a sense of community and loyalty among their customers. But what is it about these programs that makes people want to join and stick around In this article, we'll take a look at the psychology behind membership programs and what businesses can do to create successful programs that keep customers coming back.
The Power of Exclusivity
One of the biggest draws of membership programs is the sense of exclusivity they create. When people become members, they feel like they're part of a special group with access to perks and benefits that non-members don't have. This exclusivity can be a powerful motivator for people to join and stay in a program.
There are a few reasons why exclusivity is so appealing. First, it taps into our basic need for belonging. As social creatures, we want to...

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