InviteMember Alternative: TGmembership. Head To Head Comparison

TGmembership vs InviteMember: Which is the Better Telegram Subscription Service?

6th Apr 2023

TGmembership - the best InviteMember alternative for Telegram subscription bots

Have you been searching for the best Telegram membership service? Why choose between InviteMember and TGmembership for your Telegram membership business? Find the best InviteMember alternative with our in-depth comparison of features and benefits. Make an informed decision based on each subscription bot's unique capabilities and pricing.

First and foremost, both services offer automatic membership management in Telegram. This means that once a user subscribes, they'll automatically gain access to the specified group or channel. Both TGmembership and InviteMember pair with various payment processors, including fiat and crypto options, making it easy for users to collect payments. Additionally, both services offer percentage-based plans, which is great for small companies and startups that can't afford to pay a lot in fees for subscription management.

Both TGmembership and InviteMember also allow users to create their own bots and white-label them, which means that users can customize the look and feel of their bots to match their brand. Both services support flexible subscription plans, including recurring and one-time payments. They also both offer features such as sending reminders, broadcasting (sending private messages to a large audience), multi-language support, and built-in affiliate modules.

While there are some differences between TGmembership and InviteMember, their shared features make them both strong options for those looking for a Telegram subscription service. In the next section, we'll dive deeper into what sets these two services apart.

TGmembership does what InviteMember doesn't

When it comes to comparing TGmembership and InviteMember, there are some notable differences between the two services. While both services offer automatic membership management in Telegram, there are some areas where TGmembership has an edge.

More crypto payments options

While InviteMember only supports CoinPayments, TGmembership has "CryptoNoKYC", which offers the same service as CoinPayments, but without requiring KYC verification. This is a huge advantage for some businesses, especially those in the US, as CoinPayments doesn't work with US businesses since July 19th, 2022.

Apart from CryptoNoKYC, TGmembership offers BinancePay and Pay. BinancePay is a cryptocurrency payment solution that offers instant, zero-fee transfers for merchants. However, it requires that the merchant's customers are also registered Binance users. Similarly, Pay is a popular payment processor that supports multiple cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, but also requires customers to be registered with the platform.


It should be noted that unlike TGmembership, InviteMember does not offer an API, which limits the integration possibilities with third-party services. TGmembership's API allows for advanced customization and automation, making it a great choice for businesses that require a high level of integration.

Analytics dashboard

TGmembership offers a robust analytics feature that provides detailed data on your membership site's performance. You can track various metrics, such as member sign-ups, cancellations, revenue, and more, to gain insights into your audience and improve your marketing strategies. In contrast, InviteMember does not have an analytics feature, which could make it challenging for businesses to measure their performance and make data-driven decisions.

Coupons (discount codes)

TGmembership offers highly customizable coupons that can be created for specific plans only, have a limited number of uses, and can be absolute amounts (e.g. $5) or relative (e.g. 5%). These coupons can also be linked to a specific plan, have an expiration date, and can be used with recurring plans to create complex billing schemes. This feature provides businesses with more flexibility in their pricing strategy and can be used to incentivize customers to sign up for a specific plan or to reward loyal customers with discounts. In contrast, InviteMember does not offer support for coupons or discount codes, which limits businesses' ability to offer promotions to their customers.

TGmembership vs InviteMember: Head to head

In this section, we will highlight the key features of both TGmembership and InviteMember. While both services are great for managing Telegram subscriptions, it's worth noting that they have some key differences that may be significant for businesses when choosing the right service for their needs. Let's take a closer look at some of these differences, which may have significant weight in making the decision between the two services.


Percentage-based plans: Ideal for small businesses/startups

Both services offer a percentage-based plan that's ideal for small businesses and startups, but TGmembership has the edge when it comes to pricing. With a lower percentage of 7% compared to InviteMember's 10%, TGmembership is the cheaper option for smaller businesses.

Advanced pricing options for larger businesses

Even for medium-sized businesses, TGmembership's €39.99 plan is more affordable than InviteMember's $49 + 3% plan. Plus, TGmembership doesn't charge a percentage for businesses paying for the monthly plan. For larger businesses, InviteMember's $99 + 1% plan is significantly more expensive than TGmembership's €39.99 plan.

Monthly RevenueInviteMemberTGmembershipTGmembership Cheaper by
$100$10 (10% fee)$7 (7% fee)30%
$2500$124 ($49 plan + $75 3% fee)$43.68 (€39.99 plan converted to USD)65%
$7500$174 ($99 + $75 1% fee)$43.68 (€39.99 plan converted to USD)75%
$25000$349 ($99 + $250 1% fee)$43.68 (€39.99 plan converted to USD)87%

Based on the examples given above, it's evident that TGmembership offers significant cost savings compared to InviteMember across all revenue levels. As InviteMember charges a percentage for its services, the larger the business is, the more they can potentially save with TGmembership. The amount of savings may vary depending on the size of the business, with small and medium-sized businesses potentially saving anywhere from 30-75% and larger businesses saving well beyond this, with potential savings of over 85%. This can result in substantial long-term savings for businesses, particularly those with higher profit margins.

While InviteMember's Growth plan is more expensive than TGmembership's €39.99 plan, it's worth noting that InviteMember offers up to 10 bots in their top-tier plan, making it potentially more cost-effective for businesses with a higher bot count. However, it's important to keep in mind that InviteMember charges a 1% fee on all transactions, which can add up quickly for businesses with larger profit margins. Additionally, TGmembership can create custom pricing plans for businesses with more than 5 bots, but it's difficult to compare these plans to InviteMember's Growth plan without specific details about the business. In summary, for businesses with less than 5 bots, TGmembership is generally the more affordable option. However, for businesses with more than 5 bots, it's important to consider both services' pricing plans and compare them to your specific needs to determine the most cost-effective option.

With TGmembership, users are responsible for paying for the service themselves, which can be a positive thing for many. On the other hand, while InviteMember offers several payment processor options, most of which work the same way as TGmembership, it's worth noting that when using Stripe, they automatically take a cut from your earnings before they arrive to you. This may be a dealbreaker for some businesses.

Screenshot of TGmembership's pricing page showing the plans with their corresponding prices and fees.Learn more about TGmembership's fees

Screenshot of InviteMember's pricing page showing the plans with their corresponding prices and fees.Learn more about InviteMember's fees


Both services offer an affiliate module, but TGmembership's is more affordable. InviteMember includes their affiliate module for free in their most expensive plan, while TGmembership's affiliate module is a paid add-on that can be added to any plan for an additional €4.99 per month. Even with the affiliate add-on, TGmembership is cheaper than InviteMember, as the Pay Monthly plan at €39.99 + €4.99 (approximately $49.13 as of April 6th, 2023) for the affiliate is still less expensive than InviteMember's $99+1% plan.

Let's say your membership business generates $1600 per month. If you wanted to use InviteMember's affiliate program, you'd need to pay $99 plus 1% of your monthly earnings, which equals $99 + $16. That's a total of $115 per month. On the other hand, with TGmembership, you'd only need to pay $49.13 for the same service. This means that TGmembership is approximately 57% cheaper than InviteMember for affiliate programs.

Access Tokens / Access Codes

Both InviteMember and TGmembership offer a feature that allows admins to give selected users free access via a simple code or link. This feature is useful for offline payments and can also be used for promotions like giveaways. However, InviteMember limits this feature to their Starter tier ($49 + 3%), which means low-revenue businesses are unable to utilize it. In contrast, TGmembership includes access tokens in all of their plans. Even with the Pay As You Go (7%) plan, access token usage is monitored by the system, and if malicious actions are detected, access may be suspended. However, as long as access tokens are used reasonably, even businesses on the lowest tier can make good use of this feature.


Both InviteMember and TGmembership offer the ability to send broadcasts and personalize the audience who receives them. However, TGmembership has an advantage in this category due to its key feature of allowing broadcasts to be scheduled and automatically sent at a selected date and time. This means you can plan your messaging in advance and ensure that it reaches your audience at the most optimal time, even if you're not available to manually send it. This added convenience and flexibility can save you time and help you better engage with your subscribers.

Learn more about broadcasts in TGmembership's Help Center
Learn more about broadcasts in InviteMember's Help Center

Supported Payment Providers

The choice of payment provider can be a critical factor for businesses considering subscription management platforms. To help you make an informed decision, we have compiled a table that compares the payment providers supported by both TGmembership and InviteMember. By understanding the available options, businesses can choose the platform that best suits their needs and provides a seamless payment experience for their customers.

Telegram (includes additional 23 providers)
Access Tokens/Codes
CoinPayments / CryptoNoKYC
BinancePay Pay

Payment Providers Accepted by TGmembership
Payment Providers Accepted by InviteMember

User Reviews

When it comes to user reviews, both InviteMember and TGmembership have great reputations and very positive feedback. However, it's worth noting that InviteMember's reviews are posted exclusively on their own website, whereas TGmembership uses a third-party platform, TrustPilot, which provides more transparency and allows anyone to review the service, even if it's a negative review. This isn't to say that InviteMember's reviews aren't legitimate, but it's important for readers to be aware of the potential for bias when reviews are posted exclusively on the service provider's website. With TrustPilot, users can feel confident that they're getting an accurate representation of the experiences of others who have used the service.

Check out TGmembership's TrustPilot reviews.
Check out InviteMember's reviews.

Switch between the services

When it comes to switching from one service to another, it's worth noting that InviteMember doesn't currently offer a way to migrate your TGmembership project. However, TGmembership has a solution to migrate your InviteMember bot quickly and easily, making it possible to switch your business in just a few minutes.


In conclusion, both TGmembership and InviteMember offer robust solutions for businesses looking to manage their Telegram groups and channels. While each service has its own strengths and weaknesses, ultimately, the choice between the two will depend on the specific needs and budget of your business. It's worth noting that InviteMember has been a respected competitor in this space for years, and they offer a powerful set of tools to help businesses grow and manage their Telegram communities. We believe that healthy competition is important for the industry, and we respect InviteMember for the innovative solutions they've brought to the market. We hope that this article has helped you make an informed decision about which service is right for your business needs.


The information provided in this article is accurate to the best of our knowledge as of the time of publication. However, prices, features, and services offered by InviteMember and TGmembership may have changed since then. We encourage readers to visit the respective websites for the most up-to-date information.

While we have attempted to present accurate and unbiased information, please keep in mind that the author is a TGmembership representative. We have made every effort to provide objective and fair comparisons between the two services. However, readers should always conduct their own research before making any decisions about which service to use.

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